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Foundation Honors Students and Staff at New Event!

The Foundation hosted a new event, A Celebration of Boro’s Best, on the evening of May 3 at Jenkinson’s Pavilion on Point Pleasant boardwalk. During the evening, District staff members who had been selected for various honors, and senior student leaders were recognized, as we usually did at the Hall of Fame dinner. In addition, four Foundation Classroom Grants  were awarded to district faculty members grants to support projects that they submitted to the Foundation for funding. The grants, up to a maximum of $2,500, were given to either an individual teacher or a group, to finance unique projects that they identified to support their students. Receiving grants were Cassandra Tennant ($2,500), High School; Amanda Marinaro ($2,242), Memorial Middle School; Beth Kobesky and Nicole Trulby ($2,416), Nellie Bennett; and Kerri Savage, John Hogan, Pam Kendall, and Erin Nagle ($2,500), Ocean Road.

Pictured above are the 9 District faculty members recognized at the Foundation’s Boro’s Best celebration on May 3.  From left to right, Laura Bedle, Nellie Bennett; Erin Nagle, Ocean Road; Lisa Carey, Memorial Middle School; Katrina Salvatorielllo, High School; Nick Gattuso, High School; Tammy Pausz, Nellie Bennett; Jill Vitale, Ocean Road; Lauren Mattei, Memorial Middle School; and Tammy McKeon, High School.

The Foundation also recognized 10 seniors from Point Pleasant Boro high school. Pictured below are 9 of the 10 Student Senior Leadership Grant recipients who each received $1,000 checks at the Celebration of Boro’s Best event on May 3. From left to right, Kim Anilonis, Casey Blake, Tanner Gordon, Alex Johnson, Trevor McNamara, Matt  Moran, Rachel Pausz, Kimberlee Sibilia, and Emily Strassheim. Missing from the photo is Ryan Sansone.

Update on Media Center Upgrades

The Foundation has donated a total of $37,300 to the District to accomplish a major renovation of the High School’s Media Center. The funding financed the purchase of new furniture and workstations that creates an environment that facilitates the ability of students to collaborate on team projects and to better share ideas. It also funded the upgrade/replacement of 22 computers in the Media Center, replacing old Windows-based technology with Chromebooks and large LED screens, using cloud-based computing. This configuration conforms to the District’s evolving technology architecture and provides faster and more efficient platforms for accomplishing research on the internet and taking on-line standardized tests.

The renovated Center is a model for surrounding schools, and has generated visits from media specialists from Manasquan and New Brunswick High Schools. Longer term, the Foundation wants to raise funds to accomplish upgrades in the Media Centers of the middle and grammar schools to bring them more in line with 21st century media center capabilities and functionality.

The Foundation has an ongoing CrowdRise campaign to raise funding for upgrading the Media Centers/libraries in the District’s 4 schools You can support this effort by visiting our Media Centers Upgrade CrowdRise page. Give whatever you can -- every donation makes a difference, no matter how small. All donations are tax deductible.

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